Over 3 years ago one of our members started to be concerned about the poor condition of the paving outside of the shops in Essex Gardens.

She contacted Street Care about the condition of the paving, at one point there were over 63 cracked paving slabs, many of which were uneven and created a tripping hazard.

Emails and phone calls went back and forth to Street Care regarding the problem and not a lot happened. The main reason for the delay appeared to be the inability to determine who actually owned the forecourt outside the shops.

Early last  year one of our elderly members tripped over on the offending slabs and sustained a serious injury. When this was bought to our attention I decided that enough was enough and through EPAGRA invited our local councillors to meet some of EPAGRAs committee on site to review the situation and come up with a solution.

On a chilly Saturday morning councillors Ramsey, Kelly and Rochford met with some of EPAGRAs committee and inspected the area and surrounding paving, took photographic evidence, and discussed a possible solution to the problem.

Time moved on and then in July2014  letters were sent to local residents and shopkeepers with a timetable and schedule of work that was to be undertaken and in mid-August the work began.

The work was completed in September 2014 and not  only has the old paving and crossovers been replaced on both sides of Essex Gardens, but outside the shops the forecourt has now been repaved with two types of contrasting bricks and bollards erected to prevent vehicles driving on to them and damaging the new paving, and now looks so much more attractive.

I would like to formally express EPAGRAs thanks to our local councillors for their support and help in this matter, and many others including the landscaping of the grass verge on the corner of Wingletye Lane and Essex Gardens, and to say to our members, if you have a problem that you cannot resolve bring it to EPAGRAs committees’ attention and we will try to resolve the problem.


Published on: 8 February 2015