Langtons and the adjacent “Fielders Field” lie in the heart of our town but for many years have been somewhat neglected. Now, thanks to a considerable grant from the National Lottery, £105,000 from the Veolia North Thames trust and £15,000 from the Friends of Langtons this is about to change.

My wife and I met with Nigel Oxley, Council officer for Historic buildings and Landscapes, this week to talk about what changes are planned, and I was very heartened to see how the area will, over the next 12 months transform into a far more visitor friendly park. The Newsletter put out by the main contractor, Borras, summarises most of the key actions.

As well as providing the improvements listed one of the main benefits will be opening up Fielders Field to Langtons. Today the only entrance to the Field is via Cromer Road, and most people believe the area to be for the exclusive use of the Cricket Club. Not True. This is a public park and the changes planned will include a number of openings from Langtons and will install new walkways around the field and wooded area.

The stable courtyard, previously closed off for exclusive use by council staff, will be opened up where the new café and toilets will be sited and available for use by the public.

A press release is due to be published soon but I felt members would like to know a bit right now.


Colin Denchfield.


Published on: 19 June 2015