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The majority of Burglaries in May and June were based in the North area of the Ward and took place in the daytime, with access mostly gained from the rear of the properties involved.  Of the 10 Burglaries that were reported,  Southend Arterial Road and Wingletye Lane were targeted four times in total. 

As was the case in March and April, property stolen largely consisted of jewellery and cash.  Also reports of white males knocking on residents’ doors in various locations within the ward, sometimes enquiring about a female ‘friend’, sometimes appearing lost and enquiring about roads that don’t exist anywhere in the area.  Quite possibly, this is close reconnaissance by potential Burglars or Scammers, checking out possible targets.  Residents should be aware.

Motor Vehicle Crime:

There has been a 44% reduction in Motor Vehicle crime compared to the same time last year, with the majority of incidents taking place in South West Emerson Park, in particular Hillview Avenue.  Theft from Motor Vehicle incidents have involved low value cash thefts and registration plates.  There has also been a recent spate of Land Rover and Range Rover thefts, which to combat, Emerson Park SNT are actively engaged in educating residents about through general motor vehicle crime advisories.  Reports have also been received concerning white males knocking on doors in the Ayloffs Walk and Brookside areas, purporting to be checking meters, but appearing taking a very obvious interest in the cars on the driveways of these properties.  Emerson Park SNT are currently investigating these incidents based on intelligence received.

Anti Social Behaviour:

Reports of Anti-Social Behaviour within the Prospect Road/Harold Wood Park area has increased.  The problem appears to be from youths using the South West end of Harold Wood Park, straying into the Prospect Road/Ravensbourne Crescent area and beyond, often onto private property, then causing a nuisance.  In some instances, their behaviour has caused alarm and distress to residents, particularly on Prospect Road and the neighbouring areas.  Emerson Park SNT are actively supporting those affected and patrolling this area at times of peak youth activity.  Emerson Park SNT are monitoring both County Park Estate and other areas around the Wingletye Lane area for Drug Activity, due to reports received recently.  Activity mostly appears to be the dealing of drugs from vehicles, with certain roads being used as rendezvous points; action will be taken against anyone caught in the area, suspected of either dealing or using any illegal drugs.  Reports received of males knocking on doors in the Ayloffs Walk and Brookside areas, purporting to be checking meters, but appearing overly interested in cars.

A male has been reported to Havering Council for fouling the grass bank area of Platford/Tyle Greens; anyone seeing this kind of activity within the area should contact the Police on ‘101’.




Due to an upsurge in reports of mailbox tampering and the subsequent fraudulent activity that follows Emerson Park SNT advise all residents with external mailboxes to ensure their security by all viable means.

They are also advised to liaise with Royal Mail and credit reference agencies if they have any suspicion that their mail has been intercepted, interfered with or stolen.

Should anyone be seen acting suspiciously around external mail boxes please contact the police on 101


Plan Clothes Patrols have been prioritized and increased to tackle certain issues such as Mailbox Tampering and Drug Dealing; they will continue, for as long as practicable.

PC Kirk has replaced PC Elmes as Emerson Park S.N.T’s Acting Police Sergeant, he will supervise all operations alongside P.S Murray.

Emerson Park Ward Panel Chair Sue Milton attended a Q and A session and screening of an episode from the BBC series ‘The Met’, gaining a valuable extra insight into the inner workings of the Metropolitan Police, based on incidents featured in the show.

The criteria by which potential Emerson Park Safer Neighbourhood Teams can be launched has been changed.  According to S.N.T Coordinator, Michael Winter a lack of resources now means launches are arranged on a case by case basis, dependent on the size of the street and the level of interest generated.

From the Emerson Park Safer Neighbourhood Team


Total Policing is the Met’s commitment to be on the streets and in your communities to catch offenders, prevent crime and support victims. We are here for London, working with you to

Published on: 10 July 2015