On July 2nd TFL came to our meeting at The  Campion  School and gave a presentation and update on the work going on to replace the railway bridge that the A127 runs over at Ardleigh Green .

For those who couldn’t attend the meeting here is a brief synopsis of the presentation. If you have access to PowerPoint click on the link TFL Presentation July 2015 ,  otherwise here are the main points:-  Why are TFL replacing the bridge?

  • The present structure has come to the end of its serviceable life
  • The train clearance distances not currently adequate
  • Concrete corrosion – at risk of falling onto railway
  • Corrosion of metalwork in the bridge
  • Cracking of brickwork
  • Highway strength not sufficient
  • Carriageway width restrictions poses risk to road users

The Work will be split into two phases:

  1. Advance works
  • Advance works in progress
  • New service bridge to carry utilities
  • Due to be completed by mid 2016


  1. Main works
  • Demolition and replacement of the main bridge
  • Between mid-2016 and end 2017
  • Completed by 2017


There will be some Lane closures on the A127

  •  Short term lane closures e.g. autumn 2015 one lane in each direction will be  closed 24/7 for six weeks
  • Overnight closure around Christmas 2015/2016
  • During bridge replacement works (mid 2016 – end 2017) only two lanes will be operational (one in each direction)

 There will also  be some expected traffic congestion

  • Along A12 Colchester Rd and M25 (between Junctions 28 and 29)
  • Increase of vehicles approaching Gallows Corner
  • Small increase in traffic around Romford (A1251 Mercury Gardens increase of around 20 vehicles per hour)
  • Slewins Lane & Squirrels Heath – increase of around 10-20 vehicles per hour

TfL will undertake the following action to try to alleviate the congestion by:

  • Adjusting signals at pinch points
  • Giving advance notices of alternative routes
  • By monitoring the situation & take real time action

The Bryant Avenue exit onto the  A127

 There will be two periods of closure:

  • Early 2016 for about four weeks
  • Summer 2016 for about nine months

 The reasons for closing Bryant Ave exit are as follows:

  • To provide sufficient space for the working area near the bridge.
  • A protective barrier needs to be in place on the bridge to stop vehicles driving onto the railway and into the works site.
  • The new bridge will be higher than the current bridge. Raising the road surface requires steps to be in place at times during the works, which are unsuitable for traffic.
  • Utilities (water, gas etc.) need to be diverted below and near the Bryant Avenue traffic island (requiring a shorter closure of Bryant Avenue in early 2016).

To try to keep the local community informed  TFL will undertake to

  • Work with LB Havering
  • Arrange Letter drops
  • Arrange drop in information sessions
  • Use social media
  • Press briefings
  • For more detailed information visit TFL Website at www.tfl.gov.uk/ardleigh-green

Published on: 13 July 2015