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Buying Second Hand Goods?


Are they stolen? Are they genuine? 

Is there an outstanding Hire Purchase

agreement on that car?


As part of Operation Neptune, the Metropolitan Police are keen to stamp out the trade in the sale of stolen second hand goods.


Potential buyers must be made aware that sometimes, the sellers are not genuine and they are trying to sell you someone else’s property. 

You must make sure that what the person is selling actually belongs to them. Is the vehicle Log Sheet correct for that car they are selling? Do the numbers match on the car and the log sheet?

The old saying“Let the buyer beware” is so true. 

If someone offers you a cheap item in the pub, think, Is this stolen? It probably is. Just say

“No thanks” and let the Police know about it. 

Don’t fall foul of buying stolen goods, its’ your money that’s lost at the end of the day.



Published on: 28 September 2015