The following planning items are the same as at previous meetings, with no action having been taken since the last meeting. However there are several new applications  at the end of  the report

The Grove, Prospect Road: Since 2005, there have been several applications for increasing numbers of permanent sites. The latest application has been submitted for Permanent use of the site for continued occupation by extended family for 5 mobile homes and 5 touring caravans. There has still been no decision.

129 Wingletye Lane (Emerson Court Nursing Home): An application has been submitted for the demolition of existing care home and redevelopment of site to provide 4no. four-bedroom semi-detached houses together with associated amenity space, car parking and landscaping. A decision was due by 21 February but has not yet been determined.

53 Ernest Road: The application for residential use of a single dwelling house at the rear of 53 Ernest Road was refused by the Council. We had many complaints from local residents and sent a letter of objection. Planning permission is required but, as yet, none has been submitted.

118 Ardleigh Green Road: (This is the bakery shop.) An Outline application was submitted to, and subsequently refused by, the Council for the demolition of existing buildings and erection of two buildings comprising a commercial unit and six apartments with associated parking and infrastructure. We were unaware of the application because it is designated as being in the Harold Wood Ward.   It has now been appealed and we have written a letter of objection to the Planning Inspectorate.

55 Ernest Road: The Council visited the property to investigate the use of an outbuilding as residential use and found builders residing there to protect the equipment on site. The site manager was advised that this could not continue and the use subsequently ceased. As there have been subsequent complaints, a further, unannounced visit was planned and we await the result.

17 Elm Grove: Retrospective application submitted for use of an outbuilding in rear garden for domestic and business use went to Committee on 17 January, with the Officer recommending approval. The Members deferred their decision, pending further information. TL attended the meeting and Councillor Ramsey spoke against the application on behalf of residents. [It has been noted that vans bearing the company logo are still being parked in the road and the Association continues to oppose this proposed change of use on principle.] We have just heard that this application will be going to Committee next Thursday (14th) but neither RR nor TL will be able to attend.

Nelmes School:   An application has been submitted for a Single Storey, Stand alone Teaching Block to house an ARP for the Nelmes Primary School (12 pupils and 5 members of staff expected) with a separate vehicle access onto Wingletye Lane. The applicant’s traffic report states that extra traffic in the area would be negligible but “there is residual parking capacity within residential roads around the site where parents could park and drop off pupils”. We also have some concern that the play area opens towards the back of residential properties, rather than the existing Nelmes School. This was discussed at the last general meeting in February and no objections were raised.

We await the Council’s decision.

In addition:- 

2 Berther Road: (The Turkish Restaurant). A retrospective application was submitted for erection of extension (Refrigerator) at the side of property, extension of seating area adjacent to Butts Green Road and enclosure for external seating areas/access. We had no contact from any local residents and permission was granted on 22 February.

Clarewood, Hubbards Close: an application has been submitted for the demolition of existing detached house, garage, scaffold yard and sheds to construct 3 new dwelling units. We wrote a letter of objection on the grounds of setting a precedent and also increase in traffic. Permission was refused on 7 February.


Published on: 23 January 2019