New Additions to Langtons

27 June 2018

For those of you who visit Langtons Park you will know that over the past few months two swans have made a home on the banks of the pond and been nurturing a number of eggs. Last week mum produced five beautiful signets who are now happily swimming round the pond with mum and dad. Although there have been a few arguments with the other pond residents they seem very contented.
It’s really great to see such a healthy and natural beauty in our area, and a special addition to the Langtons weddings taking place at this time of year.. Don’t forget there is now a café in the park together with toilets facilities.
P.S. unfortunately on visiting the park this week, (Sunday 18th ) there are now only three signets. Two have died. Colin Denchfield.

Latest on the Lower Thames Crossing.

20 March 2018


We have previously reported on the planned new “Lower Thames Crossing” proposal designed to relieve the current congestion on the M25 crossing at Dartford. Following a series of public meetings and consultations the decision has been made to develop a plan based on Location C route 2.
This is a recent update we have received from Highways England.
The new crossing will start on the Kent side just east of Gravesend at Thong with a new interchange at the A2. The crossing will continue north from there to a new bored tunnel under the Thames and reaching the Essex side east of Tilbury (between Tilbury Fort and Coalhouse Fort). Each tunnel (one north one south) will be three lanes and approximately 3Km long.
The new road will continue to the A13 where a new major interchange is planned connecting the new Thames Crossing to the A13. The road will continue on to intersect at the Ockendons between North and South Ockendon somewhere south of Fen Lane. The proposal shows the new road then crossing the M25 around the same point as the Upminster to Lakeside train line. The new road will then sweep round to join the M25 somewhere before the A127 junction.
For those of you who use “The Chase” and perhaps the Cranham Golf course it may mean losing both of these to the ever demanding needs of the car and truck.
Highways England have produced a Virtual Journey Through the new Lower Thames Crossing route which is planned to be complete in 2027, and can be viewed on their website at.
A further consultation programme is planned once the detailed plans are available.

For those not linked into the Highways web site EPAGRA will try to keep you updated through our website and Newsletter.


28 February 2018

epagra-logoOur next monthly meeting will be on Thursday 7th June at

 Hope to see you there to meet your new chairman and committee and hear what is happening locally.

23 February 2018

logoMPS (2)



Following the closure of the North Street Hub I advise that for Emerson Park residents  Jonah  our local PCSO has
arranged the following meetings at the HAD building on the corner of  Wingletye Lane and Woodhall Crescent


09.3.18  14.00-15.00   ASB Surgery

16.3.18  11.00-12.00   Crime Prevention Stall

If you wish to chat to your local police team do come along.


Romford Station Update

7 February 2018


The bridge that links the local train from Romford to Upminster ( Push and  Pull } platform is now open for access.

It is a very useful service and since TFL have taken over the route has improved greatly

Planning News February 2018

7 February 2018


2 Berther Road:

The application for a single storey rear and side extension on ground floor and Change of use of first floor to A4 use class (Drinking establishments) was refused by the Council on 7 July. Now a new, similar, application has been submitted for Change of use of first floor to mixed use A3/A4 use class (Restaurant/Cafe and Drinking establishment) and also includes a single storey rear infill extension and part demolition of rear store and erection of entrance porch. We have received a request from the Havering Residents’ Assn. to help them object. We had previously objected to the new application and gave the HRA a copy of our letter of objection to help them.

68 Nelmes Way:

Application for outline planning permission for demolition of the existing residential unit and erection of 4 new residential units. We have not been contacted by any local resident and have not objected, but RR has queried the application. The Council’s decision was due on 29 December but has still not been decided.

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Police Report February 2018

7 February 2018


logoMPS (2)

Be aware that there are groups of individuals around the area who are visiting elderly residents and offering to carry out jobs and repairs to properties that do not in fact need doing. They are then forcing the people to pay them for the work and can be intimidating id the money is not forthcoming.

Please keep an eye out for your elderly neighbours and if you see anything that gives you concern contact your local neighbourhood police officer on the 111 number

Ardleigh Green Bridge replacement update

25 June 2017


Dear Occupier

I am writing to let you know that, unfortunately, the works to replace Ardleigh Green Bridge will take longer than expected. All four lanes of traffic on the A127 Southend Arterial Road will now re-open in spring 2019. We had planned to reopen the road in December 2017, and I am very sorry for this substantial delay. TfL is committed to looking at ways to minimise local disruption and get the bridge fully open as soon as safely possible.

 Why is the project delayed?

The critical demolition and rebuilding phases for this project can only be completed while both the road and the railway below the bridge are closed.

In November 2016 we began demolishing the eastern side of the bridge. Unfortunately, installing and removing the track protection required took longer than expected. In order to avoid over-running into the Monday morning peak and causing severe disruption to both road and rail users, we were forced to halt the work before the demolition was complete.

We completed the demolition of the eastern side of the bridge during the three day Early May Bank Holiday closure earlier this year. Several further road and rail closures of three consecutive days (72 hours) at a time are required in order to complete the demolition of the western side of the bridge. We have worked very closely with Network Rail to secure this.

We apologise for the ongoing inconvenience this delay will cause and assure you we are doing absolutely everything we can to speed up the overall programme.

Since November, we have made good progress on the new bridge foundations, a ramp to provide access to the railway line, and preparation works for installing the new bridge sections. The next stage of works involves moving the eastern

side of the bridge into place and rebuilding the Essex-bound side of the carriageway.

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Computer Scam BEWARE

14 June 2017

logoMPS (2)


Recently a member of the EPAGRA  committee  received a phone call purporting to come from BT who informed them they had a problem with their internet access. They told the caller that their account was not in fact with BT but another internet provider.

The response was that BT owned the cables that provided the internet and if the member did not buy  a piece of software they would have their internet cut off and they would be blacklisted by the internet companies.

The committee member  very sensibly hung up and did not agree to anything.



8 May 2017
logoMPS (2)

Dear Ward Member,

I would like to bring to your attention that at present due to the improving weather we are experience a rise in artifice burglaries.  On this occasion unknown males are attending the home address of our venerable elderly victims who mostly live on their own stating that they are doing work at the neighbouring property and require access to their garden in order to carry out the works, or the unknown males are persuading them that they had an appointment for that day to attend and carry out works in the garden.  If access is granted whilst one of the males is showing the resident what work they will be doing the other males they are in company with are entering the property and stealing any cash and jewellery they can find.

Can I please ask that you remain extra vigilant and should you know any elderly or vulnerable people could you please look out for them so that we can try to ensure that nobody else falls for this scam.

Lastly could I please ask that should you receive any leaflets regarding tree surgery  through your door could you please forward them to myself so that I can look into the company to ensure that they are legitimate.

Many Thanks in advance for your assistance.  Should you have any questions then please do not hesitate in contacting me.


PC 4791ES Elaine Graham
Emerson Park
Email –
Tel – 020 8721 2512

If you do not wish to receive further communications from your Local Policing Team please inform us by replying to this email

Total Policing is the Met’s commitment to be on the streets and in your communities to catch offenders, prevent crime and support victims. We are here for London, working with you to make our capital safer