Police and Community Matters

9 January 2019


At the Emerson Park Ward meeting held on 11th December at Hornchurch Police Station, it was reported that our long-standing PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) had been moved to another ward in the Borough which needed more staff, thereby reducing the manpower available in Emerson Park.

Our new area sergeant, Sgt Handley informed the panel   that we would be receiving a replacement in due course. It was agreed that a meeting would be arranged for our Ward Panel chairperson, Sue Milton to meet with the area inspector and Sgt Handley to discuss the matter. *

With regard to local crime information our local community police officer, PC Ed Zoltan reported that there had been six recorded burglaries in November 2018.This was a 45% reduction compared with the November 2017 figure of eleven.

It was noted that a number of the houses burgled had burglar alarms but they had not been set.

PC Zoltan urged householders to use their alarms where fitted.

There had been seven thefts of motor vehicles during November and two in December so far. There had also been two thefts from motor vehicles.

It was recommended that electronic car keys should be kept in RFID bags to prevent cloning and the use of a crook- lock on the steering wheel was recommended.

It was generally agreed that the community ‘meet the police’ sessions arranged at various times and locations around the ward had not been a success. These were arranged at the behest of the Home Office and there had been a poor response across the borough.

The feeling was that people tended to want to meet the police when they had a specific reason for doing so, but not for just a social chat. It was suggested that finding effective ways of publicising the telephone numbers for the local police teams might be a useful alternative to the community sessions.


It was agreed at the meeting that the team objectives should remain unchanged for the next three month period, namely:

  1. Monitor and prevent burglaries and acquisitive crime.
  2. Monitor and prevent theft from and of motor vehicles.
  3. Monitor speeding.

It was announced that PC Ed Zoltan was one of four police officers in the Borough who was to receive speed gun training which would enable him to issue penalty notices to offenders.

It was proposed that some speed gun days should be set up for January 2019.

The next Ward Panel meeting will take place on 14th March 2019.

Postscript: *

The meeting referred to above between Sue Milton the Ward Panel Chairperson and the Area Police Inspector has now taken place; two other members of the Ward Panel and Sergeant Handley also attended.

The Ward Panel members expressed their disappointment that our local PCSO had been moved, especially in view of the considerable contribution he has made to Emerson Park Ward. He has been the visible and trusted police presence in Emerson Park for many years.

The Panel members were told that the matter could not be reversed.

The Panel were left with the feeling that it did not seem to matter that we had lost a very valuable resource and they had concerns about the effect of the move on the Officer concerned.

The Panel was informed that the new PCSO was due to start on 7th January. He is an experienced PCSO who has previously worked in Barking.



8 January 2019


Following the closure of the North Street Hub I advise that for Emerson Park residents  our local policing team will be available to meet up with residents . They have arranged them at a variety of venues and times up to March  2019  to try to make them more accessible to everyone.

If you wish to chat to your local police team do come along

09/01/2019 – 14:00 hrs Street Briefing Near the pond, Tyle Green

18/01/2019 – 13:00 hrs Drop In Surgery in the Library, North Street, Hornchurch

23/01/2019 – 12:00 hrs Street Briefing Outside Shish Meze, Berther Road, Hornchurch

01/02/2019 – 11:00 hrs Street Briefing Outside Harold Wood Primary School

06/02/2019 – 15:00 hrs Cuppa with a Copper in Costa, 156 – 158 High Street, Hornchurch

16/02/2019 – 10:00 hrs Street Briefing in the Carpark outside the HAD Building, Woodhall crescent

24/02/2019 – 18:00 hrs ASB Surgery in the Front Office, Hornchurch Police Station

28/02/2019 – 14:00 hrs Cuppa with a Copper in Costa, 156 – 158 High Street, Hornchurch

06/03/2019 – 11:00 hrs Drop In Surgery in the Library, North Street, Hornchurch

15/03/2019 – 19:00 hrs ASB Surgery in the Front Office, Hornchurch Police Station


PC Ed Zoltan





TFL change their mind re Shutting A127 over Christmas

21 December 2018


Transport for London (TfL) have now decided that they will NOT be carrying out demolition work on the old Ardleigh Green bridge over the Christmas holidays so there will be no road closures, despite earlier advice to the contrary.

The good news is that traffic will be able to travel along the A127 in both directions over the festive period. TfL also advise that in spite of this delay to the work the A127 will return to four lanes of traffic (two in each direction) by Spring 2019, and that the main works will still be completed by Autumn 2019.

Havering Council will continue to closely monitor these long-running roadworks and press TfL for completion at the earliest opportunity

Greener Buses

17 December 2018
At a recent EPAGRA meeting a question was asked about whether TfL were going to introduce more Electric and Hydrogen powered buses on their routes(a while ago a Hydrogen powered bus was trialled in Havering).The reply from TfL was that they were looking at ways of introducing Greener buses and a number of routes were now using Electric buses (none in our area) and Hydrogen powered buses were being used on one route-the RV1 from Tower Gateway.If you want more information on this go to

Queens Theatre to get Face Lift

9 December 2018

      Queens Theatre to get facelift!

To celebrate their 65th birthday the Queens theatre in Hornchurch are raising funds for a refreshing facelift for artists, participants and audiences alike. I understand that so far they have attracted a £350K grant from the Arts Council and are now adding a small levy on ticket sales to boost the money required to reach the £1 million necessary to achieve the much needed improvements. These include;-

  •  A new dedicated rehearsal facility,
  • A bespoke area for learning work.
  •  A special room for local artists.
  •  A New look ground floor bar.
  •  Improved accessibility for disabled & deaf.
  •  Replacing outdated equipment.
  •  Better A/C in the foyer area.
  •  Roof repairs to protect from weather.

Hornchurch should be proud to have such a renowned facility and local support is vital to ensure its continued success I have just been advised that the famous Pete Corrigans    “Band Of Hope” will continue to be playing at the Queens every Sunday lunchtime through next year in what will be their 44th year at the Queens. Like a bit of Dixieland jazz? Then I can assure you you’ll enjoy every minute of the 2 hours of foot tapping music from 12:45.

REMEMBER THE OLD ADAGE “WHEN IT’S GONE ITS GONE” so your support is needed now.


Colin Denchfield

Falling leaves from Trees

1 November 2018



Are you aware that residents who bag up any leaves they clear from the highway or from their front garden which originate from the borough’s highway trees can have the bags collected by the cleansing teams.

To request this service residents can use this online form and then place the bags at the boundary of their property for collection.

Closure of Hubbards Close from the A127

30 August 2018



Recently there have been several enquiries from members regarding the closure of Hubbards Close by the installation of a gate where the road joins the A127 by The Moorings Garage.

The main comments  has been ” This gate is blocking a public right of way and can we get it removed?”

In fact for several years , with the assistance of EPAGRA  and local councillor Roger Ramsey , the residents of Hubbards Close have been campaigning to have some form of restriction to stop this road being used as a rat run from the A127.

This have been mad worse by the work being carried out on the Ardleigh Green Bridge  and subsequent traffic congestion . Some mornings there have been over 300 vehicle using the road in less than an hour.

It has been determined that the area of the road that meets with the A127 is private and as such the owner has elected to have a gate fitted.

During my four year term as Chairman the matter was often discussed at our monthly meetings  and , as always, the meetings have been open to members to attend.

The answer to the question therefor is

It is not a public right of way and EPAGRA has no reason to campaign for its removal.

Geoff Lloyd




28 February 2018

epagra-logoOur next monthly meeting will be on Thursday 3rd 2019  at

 Hope to see you there to meet your new chairman and committee and hear what is happening locally.

Romford Station Update

7 February 2018


The bridge that links the local train from Romford to Upminster ( Push and  Pull } platform is now open for access.

It is a very useful service and since TFL have taken over the route has improved greatly

Police Report February 2018

7 February 2018


logoMPS (2)

Be aware that there are groups of individuals around the area who are visiting elderly residents and offering to carry out jobs and repairs to properties that do not in fact need doing. They are then forcing the people to pay them for the work and can be intimidating id the money is not forthcoming.

Please keep an eye out for your elderly neighbours and if you see anything that gives you concern contact your local neighbourhood police officer on the 111 number