The following planning items are the same as at our last meeeting, with no further progress since then.

The Grove, Prospect Road: Since 2005, there have been several applications for increasing numbers of permanent sites. The latest application has been submitted for Permanent use of the site for continued occupation by extended family for 5 mobile homes and 5 touring caravans. At the time of writing, there has been no decision.


53 Ernest Road: The application for residential use of a single dwelling house at the rear of 53 Ernest Road was refused by the Council. We had many complaints from local residents and sent a letter of objection. Planning permission is required but, at the time of writing, none has been submitted.


55 Ernest Road: The Council visited the property to investigate the use of an outbuilding as residential use and found builders residing there to protect the equipment on site. The site manager was advised that this could not continue and the use subsequently ceased. As there have been subsequent complaints, we await further details from the Council.


28 Elm Grove: The application for the erection of a two storey, four bedroom dwelling and a detached garage to the rear of 28 Elm Grove was refused on 8 April and, at the time of writing, has not been appealed.


Clarewood, Hubbards Close: An application for the demolition of existing detached house, garage, scaffold yard and sheds to construct 3 new dwelling units, which was refused by the Council, has been appealed and we have no date yet for the Inspector’s visit.


17 Elm Grove: Permission was granted at Committee (despite our objection on behalf of local residents) for the retrospective application for use of an outbuilding in rear garden for domestic and business use but the Decision Notice has not yet been issued because the Members have referred it back to officers to strengthen the Conditions – at the time of writing, we do not have the details of these Conditions, but we understand that the problems continue, with commercial vans parking outside regularly.


In addition:-


11 Walden Way:   The application for proposed demolition of existing garage, with erection of low level chalet style three bedroom dwelling with associated parking and amenity was refused by the Council on 16 August and, at the time of writing, has not been appealed.


Imperial Motors: An application for use of rear part of the site (the Vantis office), for the parking of cars in association with lawful office use, was refused on 2 August. Planning permission is required for this use but, at the time of writing, none has been submitted.


2 Essex Gardens: An application submitted for change of use to form a cafe combined A3 and A5 use (including take-away use) was refused on 10 July. A new application has now been submitted for change of use to form a cafe, A3 use, only, and we await the decision.


Goodrington School, Walden Way: An application has been submitted for the demolition of the former private school with new residential development consisting of 4no. two-bedroom detached bungalows. We have advised local residents who wish to object. We await the decision.


1A Sylvan Avenue: Permission was been granted for the erection of a two storey, four bedroom dwelling with accommodation in roof in the land adjacent to 1A Sylvan Avenue on 30 July.


16 – 18 Prospect Road: An outline application has been submitted to demolish 16 and 18 Prospect Road for the creation of a new access road to provide 9 new detached dwellings and 2 replacement dwellings. This appears to be very similar to a previous outline application, which was granted permission on appeal but is now out of date.


Platford Green:   The Council has obtained temporary injunctions against Mr Williams Stokes and 104 un-named others to prohibit unauthorised encampments on this and other sites in the Borough, pending a formal Hearing on 10 September at 10.30 in the High Court.

1-3 Basi Close: We have received complaints regarding the comparatively new 3 houses possibly being used as places of multi-occupancy, in contravention of the planning permission. This results in excessive parking along Platford Green, often obstructing the driveways of others.




Published on: 3 September 2019