The Grove, Prospect Road:  Since 2005, there have been several applications for increasing numbers of permanent sites. The latest application has been submitted for Permanent use of the site for continued occupation by extended family for 5 mobile homes and 5 touring caravans.  RR called it in a long time ago but, at the time of writing, there has been no decision.  (The application was originally received by the Council on 15/9/17.)

53 Ernest Road:  The application for residential use of a single dwelling house at the rear of 53 Ernest Road was refused by the Council.  We had many complaints from local residents and sent a letter of objection.  Planning permission is required and Enforcement Action has been initiated, which has been appealed.

55 Ernest Road:  The Council visited the property to investigate the use of an outbuilding as residential use and found builders residing there to protect the equipment on site.  The site manager was advised that this could not continue and the use subsequently ceased.  As there have been subsequent complaints, we await further details.

Clarewood, Hubbards Close:  An application for the demolition of existing detached house, garage, scaffold yard and sheds to construct 3 new dwelling units, which was refused by the Council, has been appealed and we have no date yet for the Inspector’s visit.

11 Walden Way:   The application for proposed demolition of existing garage, with erection of low level chalet style three bedroom dwelling with associated parking and amenity was refused by the Council on 16 August and, at the time of writing, has not been appealed.

16 – 18 Prospect Road:  An outline application has been submitted to demolish 16 and 18 Prospect Road for the creation of a new access road to provide 9 new detached dwellings and 2 replacement dwellings.  This was granted permission on 10 January (with 27 Conditions attached).

17 Elm Grove:  Permission was granted at Committee (despite our objection on behalf of local residents) for the retrospective application for use of an outbuilding in rear garden for domestic and business use.   The Decision Notice was finally issued on 5 September, with Conditions, but we understand from a local resident that some of these Conditions are still being ignored, although it is difficult to police them.  The resident is currently having protracted correspondence with the Enforcement Dept.

15 Burntwood Avenue:  An application has been submitted for the construction of one, 2-storey dwelling to rear of 15 Burntwood Avenue with access from Burntwood Avenue.  We have had no contact from any local resident but RR has been contacted and has called it in.  This was appealed on the grounds of non-determination, but the appeal was withdrawn on 10 January.

Imperial Motors:  An application for use of rear part of the site (the Vantis office), for the parking of cars in association with lawful office use, was refused on 2 August and an appeal was lodged on 21 October.

1-3 Basi Close:  We have received complaints regarding the comparatively new 3 houses possibly being used as places of multi-occupancy, in contravention of the planning permission.  Planning Enforcement have referred this to the Private Sector Licensing Section who have started the process of looking to register at least no.3 as a house in multiple occupation.

14 Haynes Road:  Full planning application has been submitted for the demolition of a single-family dwelling and erection of six 2-storey Houses with accommodation in the roof, containing 5×4 bedroom and 1×3 bedroom, with associated access, 9 parking spaces, cycle storages and refuse store We have been contacted by local residents concerned about the proposal to develop this site and the Association has written a letter of objection.  A planning officer from LBH has visited the site, accompanied by 2 local residents.  Revised plans have now been submitted with some minor changes (although some of the the revised plans are not consistent with each other).  We have sent a letter of objection, reiterating our concerns, which have not been addressed. We still await the officer’s decision and whether it will be determined at the LPA’s Committee.

Local residents have contacted the Romford Recorder; have delivered to the Council a petition with (roughly) 150 signatures; 40 local residents have personally sent letters of objection, and other letters of objection (possibly 100 or so) are already with the Council; and they are in contact with their local Councillors.

2 Prospect Road:  An application has been submitted for the demolition of existing bungalow and garage / erection of 3 terraced 2 storey x 3 bedroom dwellings incorporating front off street parking for 6 cars and garden landscape   We have not been contacted by any local residents, but we have objected on grounds of overdevelopment (amongst other matters) and RR has called it in.

2, Nelmes Road An application has been submitted for the proposed demolition of existing dwelling and replacement with new two storey 5 bedroom dwelling.  This is next door to the United Reformed Church and members are concerned about loss of light, amongst other matters. We have given advice.

The Moorings, A127:   An application has been submitted for proposed change of use from cabin sales to car sales and car wash, with retention of boundary treatment and sales office. We have been contacted by a local neighbour about the potential impact of such development on neighbours, both from increased traffic and damage to the aquifer.  Previous changes at the site relate to re-siting cabins and were allowed on appeal, but subject to various conditions, including improvements to the discharge of surface water.  We understand these have not been complied with fully, resulting in the flooding of neighbouring property.






Published on: 6 February 2020