I am writing to advise you on our plans to carry out  works to remove the old bridge piers located under thr A127

From Monday 9th November to 5th December we will start enabling work to install portable cabins in the area North west of Ardleigh Green Bridge.

The work will need a single lane closed in the north west between 10.00 to 15.00Monday to Friday to allow our vehicles to turn into the compound. The compound will have portable cabins that will be used as a welfare facility.

The removal of the piers will take place from 24th December for 5days using the planned railway line closure by Network Rail.

All our plant and equipment used to demolish and remove the piers will arrive and leave via the railway. We will provide further details about these works early in December.


We will keep footways open during the work so as pedestrians will be able to cross the bridge.


Contacting us.

TFL Customer Services 03432221234


Published on: 8 November 2020