This is just a brief summary update on the progress being made to Langton Gardens and Fielders Field.

PATHWAYS. Some of the pathways have been completed and are open to provide access to and from the Gardens.

LAKE WORKS. The Lake edge has been renovated and the terrace at the head wall has been constructed. (See photograph showing new terrace and border prepared for planting next year)

Langtons 2

BILLET LANE ENTRANCE. The Brickwork is complete and pathway is now open to give access to the park. New gates will be installed soon.

NEW ORANGERY ROOF. The new glass roof has been ordered and will be installed shortly. (see photo, the scaffolding will remain until the new roof is installed )


WORKSHOP. The new workshop brickwork is under construction.


GREENHOUSE. Work on the new Greenhouse will commence shortly. A new greenhouse is on order and is scheduled for delivery and installation in November.


CAFÉ & TOILETS. The toilet brickwork has been completed and the roof will be finished soon. Work on the new café has started. (See photo, it looks a bit of a mess but hopefully it will be well worth it when finished).


Langtons 1

Unfortunately due to the varied work going on at the moment much of the gardens are out of bounds to the public. However you can still visit. A further update will be available in December.

One final point………..


Bread has no nutritional value to the birds and prevents them from foraging for healthier food naturally. Uneaten and rotting bread will pollute the water and can cause noxious odours and harm the fish. Mouldy bread can also give the geese an incurable and particularly nasty disease called “ANGEL WING”. Unfortunately some of the geese at Langtons have this disease.


Colin Denchfield.  



Published on: 16 November 2015