County Park Estate Residents.

21 September 2019

It has come to the attention of local police officers that some residents are not reporting crimes correctly and through the appropriate channels that will ensure they get the best police service that can be offered.  It is imperative that in an emergency you should call 999, for example when the suspect is on scene, or has recently left.  In cases where it is not an emergency, for example for something that happened a few hours ago, a couple days ago etc., please call 101, alternatively this can be done online using the Met Police website, or by going to your nearest police station, Romford.

The ward mobile phone, 0208 721 2512, should not be used to report emergencies or crimes, it can be used as a last resort, or if you would like a home visit, crime prevention, or things along those lines.

Should you have any queries please don’t hesitate to call PC ED ZOLTAN on 0208 721 2512. Or email [email protected]





Planning Matters September 2019

3 September 2019

The following planning items are the same as at our last meeeting, with no further progress since then.

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Over 50s Forum

2 July 2019

Dangerous potholes in Earnest Road

8 March 2019

Following complaints from our members at a previous  EPAGRA meeting to Councillor Ramsey he agreed to investigate the matter further and report back to us.

After raising the matter with the appropriate department  Councillor Ramsey reported that with regards to the inspection raised concerning the condition of Ernest Road, he has  been informed by the investigating officer that the road has been inspected, and the defects meeting the councils  actionable level have been picked up, with orders for a temporary repair raised as there are plans to have this road patched.  

The Council  are currently awaiting a date from the contractor as to when the works will take place. The works will be from Nelmes Road to Parkstone Avenue.

Thank you Councillor Ramsey for a speedy response.



7 March 2019



Havering Over 50s Forum

13 February 2019




Last year Marion and myself decided to join a couple of local groups and find out what went on at their meetings. One we had heard of was called Havering over 50s Forum.

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Local Pilates Class at 3BX Gym Campion School

4 February 2019

There is a new Pilates Class Started at Campion School.

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Emerson Park Police Briefings

23 January 2019

Your dedicated Safer Neighbourhoods team is here to make a difference in your community. If you have concerns about day-to-day crime, disorder issues or need crime prevention advice, please attend one of our ward surgeries or contact them on 02087212512

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TV Licensing Scam

23 January 2019

Please see the below relating to the latest TV licensing scam.

  • Fraudsters are sending people fake TV Licensing emails to steal their personal information.
  • Victims who click on the link in the email risk having their money stolen by fraudsters.
  • In December 2018 alone, 200 crime reports were made to Action Fraud in relation to TV Licensing emails, with victims reporting a total loss of £233,455.

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Police and Community Matters

9 January 2019


At the Emerson Park Ward meeting held on 11th December at Hornchurch Police Station, it was reported that our long-standing PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) had been moved to another ward in the Borough which needed more staff, thereby reducing the manpower available in Emerson Park.

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