27 November 2020


Yesterday evening I attended an online meeting to discuss the urgent need to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour relating to Ardleigh Green Campus of the local college.

Over 200 people attended, including residents, the local MP, police, the local vicar, local councillors. Keith Prince (London Assembly member) shopkeepers and the Principal and Deputy Principal of the local college.

One problem identified was the total lack of CCTV in Ardleigh Green and Damian White, local councillor and Leader of The Council agreed, as a matter of urgency, for temporary CCTV to be fitted until a full survey of the area and CCTV needs identified.

This will enable the college to identify potential troublemakers and be able to pass that information to the police to act. Sadly once the students have left the college grounds the college only have common law rights.

There were questions about whether the time was right for the college to consider relocation as local feeling was the student numbers had outgrown the size of the college.

The Principal responded by telling the meeting that from September 2021 200+ students (mainly engineering and vocational classes ) will be moving to the new campus located in Rainham thus reducing numbers at the Ardleigh Green Campus.

There are also plans to increase bus services to be increased to enable students to leave the area after classes finished. Councillor Melvin Wallace is already dealing with this matter with TFL.

The Deputy Principal also agreed to provide a number for a “ HOT LINE” so as members of the public who had concerns could speedily contact a member of staff who would have the knowledge and the resources to speedily resolve the problem.

Chief Inspector Kevin Weeden of the MPS said they  are looking at increasing local patrols and possible  supply of cycles to make the officers more mobile.

The meeting closed with the agreement that updates will be sent to the people that attended and regular updates and possibly future on line meetings to be arranged.

Geoff Lloyd 27th November 2020.


Planning Application Queries received during Lockdown

10 November 2020

Planning Applications queries received during lockdown by EPAGRA as at 8/11/20 Read More »

Ardleigh Green Bridge . Works beneath the bridge at Railway Track Level

8 November 2020

I am writing to advise you on our plans to carry out  works to remove the old bridge piers located under thr A127

From Monday 9th November to 5th December we will start enabling work to install portable cabins in the area North west of Ardleigh Green Bridge.

The work will need a single lane closed in the north west between 10.00 to 15.00Monday to Friday to allow our vehicles to turn into the compound. The compound will have portable cabins that will be used as a welfare facility.

The removal of the piers will take place from 24th December for 5days using the planned railway line closure by Network Rail.

All our plant and equipment used to demolish and remove the piers will arrive and leave via the railway. We will provide further details about these works early in December.


We will keep footways open during the work so as pedestrians will be able to cross the bridge.


Contacting us.

TFL Customer Services 03432221234



25 October 2020


Good morning every one on this damp Sunday morning. I hope everyone has remembered to put their clocks back an hour as British Summertime has now officially ended.

Sadly at present with the ongoing Covid  19 situation and Havering moving into the NHS  local high alert level for the foreseeable future,  EPAGRA will be unable to hold our regular monthly meeting at The Campion School.

If however you have a problem that you cannot resolve and comes within our remit please make an initial contact via our website and I will  try to pass on your email  to the relevant member of our committee to contact you.

I know it is not ideal but at present it is the best we can do.

Anyway on behalf of our chairman and the rest of the committee please try to stay positive and stay safe.


Geoff Lloyd  , Webmaster


The NHS Track and Trace App.

8 October 2020

No need to read further if you’ve already downloaded the app.

The NHS COVID-19 app is now available to download.  It’s designed to help you protect yourself & loved ones.

The app tracks where positive coronavirus cases are.  It will help you to understand if you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19.

The app is available for download from your relevant app store on your mobile phone.

It will be mandatory for the hospitality, leisure & tourism sector to ask visitors to ‘check-in’ via the app and a QR (quick reponse) code, to track any possible spreads of COVID-19 efficiently.

Jeanette 😷



Jeanette 😷



6 June 2020



Dear Members

Hopefully, you are all keeping safe and well at this time.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed us all in the way we live at the present time. Many of us are staying at home and relying on technology to keep in contact with friends and relations and to get our food delivered. Even my usual message is having to reach you in a different way.

As Campions School is gearing up to accept pupils back to school they do not appear to be opening up for lettings so we will NOT be holding a meeting during September.   Hopefully ,it will not be too long before we can hold our usual meetings again.

Keep watching our website for any more up to date news

Until then keep well and keep safe.


Barry Smith

Chairman EPAGRA


Caution regarding man with a Van

25 May 2020


It has been reported that a  man in a white Ford Van registration no. BG66 CBY has been seen loitering at a bus stop in Wingletye Lane and harassing a female member of the public  waiting there for a bus,

The man appeared to be around 35 years of age and had a foreign accent.

He attempted to persuade the female waiting at the bus stop to get into his van. She refused as she did not know the man in question.

He persisted even though she continued to refuse to get into the van

He eventually drove off but was seen subsequently following the bus she had caught down the lane towards the 6th form college.

We understand that the same van has been seen waiting near a bus stop close  to  Emerson Park Station.

The local police have already been informed but if you observe anything similar please contact them.

     Dont forget in an emergency ring 999



Sadly, due to HM Government  advice regarding the Pandemic of COVID-19 ( coronavirus)

in the interests of members health the chairman has decided to cancel the April and Mays   meeting

The situation will be reviewed  later in the year.

On behalf of the committee EPAGRA hopes all members will stay safe and well.

We shall NOT be collecting subscriptions for the year 2020 – 2021 at present so your membership will carry over.

Planning Applications for March 2020

6 February 2020

The Grove, Prospect Road:  Since 2005, there have been several applications for increasing numbers of permanent sites. The latest application has been submitted for Permanent use of the site for continued occupation by extended family for 5 mobile homes and 5 touring caravans.  RR called it in a long time ago but, at the time of writing, there has been no decision.  (The application was originally received by the Council on 15/9/17.) Read More »


23 December 2019


Due to HM Government  advice regarding the Pandemic of COVID-19 ( coronavirus) the chairman has decided to cancel the April and Mays   meeting

The situation will be reviewed  later in the year.